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The start of a new project! 21/03-2022

Today we started development of our second game project at PlaygroundSquad, and I'm tasked with being lead designer on this project again. This time however I'm not alone in the designer role as the groups this time requires more designers, which is always good as that allows us to split up the work more and get more done!

The project we are going to create is a hack and slash, action game that's set in a grimy neo futuristic city.

It's a co op game for up to 4 players where they are tasked with fighting through hordes of enemies in order to progress through linear levels, all while competing with each other in order to see who can get the most points by killing enemies in stylish ways!

We started of the day by having an assembly where the supervisors at the school went through some basic information that's important for the project. After this assembly we started moving work stations to gather up the whole team.

After getting situated, the whole team sat down to go through some basic work structure before we took lunch, and after lunch we had another meeting where we first talked together with the programmers and artist about technical limitations, in order to clear up what the artists are able to do.

We also fit an art meeting where we started forming the art style of the game, while also discussing subjects like character design, environment, and how big the work load would be.

After this meeting we had our first sprint review; a process where I go up and present our weekly sprint plan for the supervisors and other groups.

Finishing of the day I thought about and discussed with one of our animators how much work would go into creating 1 playable character, and if it's realistic to create another one.

In the end we decided that it would be feasable without too much issue right now from and art perspective.

As I've already got confirmation that it would be fairly easy for the programmers to create a second one of these classes, I'm going to add that to the scope of the game.

See you in the next update!

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