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This is me!

Hello! I'm Carl Stengård and I'm a generalist Game Designer at The Gang.

I believe that what makes a game great is a clever merging of all the different specialisations, therefore I work hard to have an understanding of not only game design, but graphical design and programming as well.

In my opinion it's important for me as a designer to be able to look at, and share my thoughts with both programmers and artists alike to create that tightly knit package that creates those special experiences.

On account of this I try to build up on all aspects of game design, as I love the process of creating a game. I really love the aspect from taking an idea, or a set of features from the idea stage into a final, polished product. The look on the players face when they enjoy playing the game is something that gives me a lot of joy!

While all of this are aspects I find important, what's paramount is having a structured and well oiled team, and the only way to get a structured team is to create an environment where everyone wants to commit and really be able to push themselves.


It's very important that the relationship between me and my colleagues is solid, and that regardless of the task we're in it together.

Outside of my views on game development I do have 5 years of on and off experience using unreal engine 4 and unity for various small projects.

I love to take on a challenge, and I don't hesitate to put myself out there if I'm able to learn something new or experience something I've not done before; both in and out of work!

On my free time I naturally play a lot of games, and I try to be varied in what I play in order to keep gaming fresh, but I tend to hover towards more action oriented RPG games such as From Software developed titles (Dark souls 3, Bloodborne, Eldenring).


Although my all time favourite game is Outer Wilds.

Outside of gaming I love to experiment in the kitchen, and I view myself as something of an accomplished home cook as I believe that food is a great way to have micro experiences of other cultures!

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