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Milestone week - 05/04-22 ~ 08/05-22

This entire week has been high paced as the friday was the day where we're supposed to present our prototype at the first milestone.

During the entire project we will have 3 of these milestones, and a milestone presents 3 weeks of work, so we wanted to present what we have in the best possible way.

Our goal for the milestone was to have the groundworks laid for the game which, on a programming level, meant having a base class that works with all the actions a player should be able to do in the game, having the progression through the level work as intented, having workable local multiplayer, and having the base function for enemies.

Our art goals where a lot more abstract, but we our goals where to have the general environment prepared and ready to be polished, have the base mesh for the player classes ready, and have 2 of our enemies retoppod. In the end we had some technical issues with the player class base mesh which pushed us back a bit in production.

We also missed with having 2 of our enemies completely retoppoed, but they got a good way there, it was also more of a stretch goal as our character artist for the enemies worked very quickly which made us put that as a potential goal.

In the end we had something to present that the entire team felt proud about for where we are in production, and we got some good feedback from the supervisors on how we should continue, specifically with the art, which is a talk we'll have on Monday.

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