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Day 11 - 04/04-2022

Today started week 3, and sprint 3 of the project. Our main goal is to have our first prototype ready for friday as that's when we have a milestone review where we're supposed to present the first prototype of the game.

During the day I planned out the sprint for the week and hastily threw together a sprint review presentation as I had a lot of things happening at the same time. I also ran around and discussed with the artists and programmers about how we should go about getting to a point where we feel good about presenting the game.

In the middle of this I also had a meeting with the audio people where we laid out the plans for audio, as well as how they should think when creating the audio.

After the audio meeting we had the sprint review where we got some feedback on our weeks plan which I've put consideration into.

The rest of the day was trying to get as much prepared in regards to planning for friday as possible.

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