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Day 9 - 31/03-2022

I've been gone a bit from the project for family business which is why I haven't updated for a couple of days, but I'm now back in action!

I started the day with discussing abit about how we should continue the project in order to reach our goal for Friday next week when we have our first milestone review.

I also planned a short meeting with the artist, which turned into a longer meeting for better or worse. This meeting was about how they should use unity, and what their responsibilities are when it comes to implimenting the art into unity.

We also set up some art specific milestones as that's something they requested we did.

After being done with the artists I started reacquanting myself with the project, and get an update on where everyone currently is.

When I got caught up, I sat down and begun tackling tasks assigned to me, such as updating aspects of the GDD, tweaking the character controller as much as I can at the moment, and designing enemies on paper with the other designer.

I also had a discussion later with one of the character artists about how his concept as we had decided that the weapon one of the character didn't really fit with the design of the character.

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