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Games at The Gang

Aquaman Simulator

"Black Manta and his evil cronies are invading Atlantis, take up your arms and fight back against this assault; Protect Atlantis and become a true hero!"

Aquaman Simulator was a game built in preperation for the launch of the movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, in an official partnership. I was the sole and lead designer on this project.


Strongman Simulator


Reincarnated as a sword

"Fight of hordes of goblins and continue evolving together with Shishou in this official cross over with Reincarnated as a Sword!"

The cross over event with Strongman Simulator and Reincarnated as a Sword was a unique and special collaboration, opening the door for more official anime brands on the Roblox platform. I was the lead designer on this project.

US Open: Champions of the Court

"Explore the parks of US Open and challenge other rising Tennis stars in bouts of Tennis, can you make your way to the top and become a super star?"

US Open: Champions of the Court was a game created in preparation for the official US Open tournament. I was the lead designer on this project.

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