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PlaygroundSquad Project 1 designer blog 21-11/12

This week has been the start of the first game project at PlaygroundSquad, I have been chosen as the lone designer for the group, and we decided on monday the 8:th of November that we're going to work on a metroidvania game with the core feature of using a chain-sickle weapon.

During the rest of the week I've been hard at work putting together the asset list, setting up the discord server we're using to communicate, preparing trello and the different boards we're going to use, updating the GDD so it's more accurate to the scope of the project, as well as communicating with the different people in the group to be as prepared we can for the project start.

Now that I've started this blog I'm going to be updating it daily from 15/11 onward; this blog post is a more generalised one for what I've been doing throughout the week.

To end the post I want to introduce the team! Artists: André Nilsson, Beatrice Persson, Eddie Cyrillus, John Gustafsson Programmers: André Larsson, Arvid Lindgren, Oliver Berglund

Designer: Carl Stengård

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