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PlaygroundSquad Game Project 1 Designer Blog 21-12/01 - 21-12/13

I've been really bad with posting these last 2 weeks so I'm going to make an all encompassing post that explains what I've been doing as a designer. After presenting the first playable version for the teachers as well as the rest of the school we got some great feedback, and after discussing a lot with one of the teachers we made some large changes to the over all concept. The game went from being a metroidvania inspired hack-and-slash to a more Ninja Gaiden inspired 2D action-platforming game. The Ninja Gaiden inspiration comes from changing some of the enemies to act more like obstacles rather than actual enemies that look for and try to attack the player. This change was to help the game get some more variety in the level, as well as take some load of the programmer as there is a lot that they have to do. We also decided to remove the idea of having different areas that the player visits to get upgrade, and now have 1 singular level that the player fights their way through with all the abilities already in hand. With these changes done I've been working hard on managing how we progress, and what tasks should be prioritised. I've also been doing tweaking to get the game feel as close a possible to what we want for the game.

Other than this I've been trying to tackle each challange as they come up which varies a lot on a day to day basis.

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