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PlaygroundSquad Game Project 1 Designer Blog 21-11/15

Today was the start of the first day of the project. After getting situated with our workstation in their appropriate places I had a meeting together with the artists. This meeting was all about figuring out the beginning stages of where the art style of the game should go, and how we want to tackle the assets for the game. We decided to aim towards a semi-stylized look with the characters in-game having realistic proportions. After the meeting there was a sprint review where I presented the core idea for the supervisors at school as well as the goals for the sprint that the group had decided upon before the presentation. We decided that our goal for this week is to have a working prototype that allows us to move in the world as well as a jumping function. We're also aiming to get a whiteboxed level into the engine to test out the movement in. Outside of the presentations I've been updating our trello boards, and I've been working with updating the GDD to accurately fit the scope of the project; I'm using the site for this as a sort of visual version of my original GDD.

That's it for my daily update, I look forward to update on my progress tomorrow!

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