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PlaygroundSquad Game Project 1 Designer Blog 21-11/16

I started off the day by introducing the team to how we're doing our stand ups at the beginning of the work day. After we got done with our morning scrum I started working on a blockout for the artists so they know approximetely how the world will look like for when they design the assets for the game.

I continued by starting my work on the level design and doing a mockup of how the level should looks like and flow, with added notes about when and where certain important objects are, and where specific events in the level happens.

I start off with making it in miro as a sort of on-paper exercise, and plan on starting to prototype in unity to get the feeling for the jump heights, size of the world, and relative sizes between the characters correct.

On the afternoon I continued tweaking the existing level design before having a meeting with artists where we discussed how to go forward with art assets, and the character, as well as reviewing the concepts they created for the main characters. We came to a conclusion on how the character should look, and how we're going to do the animations.

We also managed to get all of the art assets we need to get done down in an excell sheet. That's all from me today!

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