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Day 2 - 22/03-2022

Today was the proper start of the project as the whole group was together and prepared from the start of the day.

This allowed us to start the day with our morning stand up where we discussed some goals for the day, as well as explaining the routine we'll have during the project using the scrum method.

After our morning stand up, the co designer and I started discussing our plans for the second class, and how that would be designed.

As we already have a more tank like class, we want to make a class that's more focused to DPS.

The biggest question regarding this would be how to make both classes viable and not have one class be the objectivally better or more fun class to play.

We started a document where we could just write down any ideas we had for what the second playable class could be, and then we went off and started working seperately.

I started writing down more information in the GDD in order to get it as prepared as possible, and I also started preparing an audio list for when we're supposed to present the game for the sound designers that will join the project in the near future.

I also booked a meeting with the art team again in order to detail exactly what style we're going for, as well as the technical aspects like the poly-count for the models in order to remove as much confusion as possible for the artists. We also decided that we're creating 2 enemy types in total, instead of only 1.

We also discussed UI aspects, and how we would tackle any menues, GUI, and HUD elements, and decided that trying to keep a low profile and minimalistic approach would be the most beneficial.

I ended the day in the same way as I started it, and that was by working with, and updating the GDD.

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