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Champions of the court


Project Info

  • Team Size 12

  • 12 weeks

  • PC/Mobile

  • Roblox Studio

My roles​

  • Lead Designer

  • Gameplay Design

  • UX/UI

  • QA

Explore the parks of US Open and challenge other rising Tennis stars in bouts of Tennis, can you make your way to the top and become a super star?

My tasks

I was mainly the keeper of the GDD, keeping it up to date, and ensuring that the gameplay reflected the design accurately. I was a core part of the project from Pre Production, and I had to communicated heavily with all the different team members of the development team in order to allow a coherent game.

I had to ensure the game to the clients liking, while still  to present a unique spin on the tennis simulator genre on Roblox which we accomplished by adding objects the player needs to pick up during matches encouraging movement during play, something missing in other similar games on the platform.

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