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Strongman X
Reincarnated as a sword


Project Info

  • Team Size 8

  • 5 weeks

  • PC/Mobile

  • Roblox Studio

My roles​

  • Lead Designer

  • Gameplay Design

  • Monetization Design

  • QA

Fight of hordes of goblins and continue evolving together with Shishou in this official cross over with Reincarnated as a Sword!

My tasks

I was part of the team from pre production to post release. I was the keeper of the GDD and had to design a gameplay loop that combined the well known gameplay of Strongman while staying true to the Reincarnated as a Sword IP.


It was very important that the gameplay loop in and of itself didn't stray far from the Strongman loop as the tight deadline forced me to try and cleverly reuse as much as possible from the base game for this crossover in my design.

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