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Aquaman Simulator


Project Info

  • Team Size 7

  • 5 weeks

  • PC/Mobile

  • Roblox Studio

My roles​

  • Lead Designer

  • Gameplay Design

  • UX/UI

  • QA

Black Manta and his evil cronies are invading Atlantis, take up your arms and fight back against this assault; Protect Atlantis and become a true hero!

My tasks

I was a part of the development team from pre production to post release; I wrote the GDD and had full control of all the design aspects of the game. I had to come up with a gameplay system that smoothly blended the Aquaman feel with an experience that players on the platform would expect and want to play.

With an implementation of rewarding cleverly rewarding players for engaging with specific content of the game, both in and out of play, the game became a huge success becoming the highest rated branded game on the roblox platform ever with a like ratio of 99%.

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