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To Roll Dice


To Roll Dice is a simple puzzle game about moving dice on a grid. The goal is to move the dice onto the numbered tile with the correct number facing upwards. 

Project Info

  • Team Size 4

  • 2 days

  • PC

  • Unity

My roles​

  • Puzzle Design

  • Game Design

  • Sound Design

Puzzle Design

When intially concepting for the game, we quickly decided that we wanted to take the prompt of "Roll of the Dice" very literally, which is how we came up with rolling a dice on a grid pattern with the goal of matching the number on the top of the dice with the corresponding number on a tile.

The puzzles thus needed to be clever implimentation of movement where the player would need to think a few steps ahead in order to figure out what moves would put their dice in the correct orientation.

When designing my puzzles, I started off with an on paper grid pattern, where I decided which squares had tiles, and which square had holes. I then traced the pattern I wanted the player to roll the dice before trying that pattern myself in order to determine the number that the top of the dice had when reaching the end tile.

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