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Neo Heroes


In Neo Heroes, you and up to 3 of your friends take the fight to the evil Boogie-Men who's taken over a local nightclub, raving and destroying the place.

Compete with each other in a score extravaganza, and see who can destroy the most enemies! Crown the greatest warrior!

Project Info

  • Team Size: 13

  • 9 weeks

  • Unity

  • Playstation 4

My roles​

  • Gameplay Designer

  • Lead Designer

  • Project Lead

  • Level Designer

  • QA

Sequence 01.gif
Dance floor.png

Gameplay design

I originally developed the Neo Heroes concept as a game that would combine the gameplay of the action packed hack-n-slash genre, with the linear progression of a beat-em-up game.

I wanted the game to force players to balance between a selfish gameplay style that would gain them more points, and a more teambased gameplay style that was required of them in order to progress through and finish the level.

To do this, we created 2 classes for the players to choose between, with each class having a gameplay style that would cover for the other's weakness. The lancer with it's range would be able to hold of enemies before they reached the team, while the knight is able to clear out the stragglers using their large area of attack.

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