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In Grapplevania, you take control of an adventurer who's just docked at a village besieged by demons.


With chain-sickle in hand, you will have to slash and grapple your way through  the demonic horde and save the village from destruction!

Project Info

My roles​

  • Team Size: 8

  • 5 weeks

  • PC

  • Tengine

(In-house Engine)

  • Project Lead

  • Lone Designer

  • Audio Designer

  • QA

Grapplevania gif 5.gif
one tongue-y boi_edited.png

Gameplay design

Grapplevania was orignially supposed to be an attempt at making a short and sweet metroidvania style game, where the player would explore this edo era japanese village to find the tools to use in order to explore even more of the village.

However due to a combination of time constraints and technical diffulties with the engine we had to use, I opted to change the core gameplay to that of an action platformer, more similar to Ninja Gaiden, rather than a Metroid or Castlevania game.

This switch cause a fair few redesigns in how I approached introducing the mechanics to the player, as they would now have all of the tools needed to complete the level from the beginning, rather than having to find each tool.

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