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Cara and the Frozen Spirit


Project Info

  • Team Size 7

  • 9 weeks

  • PC

  • Unreal Engine 4

My roles​

  • Level Designer

  • Gameplay Designer

  • Narrative Designer

  • QA

In Cara and the Frozen Spirit you take control of the main character Cara, as you explore a frozen wasteland using your magical ice skating powers to find Snow Flakes, and gather Ice Shards.

My tasks

I was mainly responsible for the level design, and ensuring that the game had a cohesive experience, both relative to all other level design as well as the original plan for the level. Making sure that the player got a "First level" experience was paramount for this vertical slice.


It was important to cleverly fit in every mechanic the player would use in a natural way that ensured a smooth experience from start to finish while still keeping the sense of this "open world" or "playground" as we called it where the player got to explore after their own accord in a compact open world with various puzzles presented to them that they could partake of their own accord.

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