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Cara and the Frozen Spirit


In Cara and the Frozen Spirit you take control of the main character Cara, as you explore a frozen wasteland using your magical ice skating powers to find Snow Flakes, and gather Ice Shards.

Project Info

  • Team Size 7

  • 9 weeks

  • PC

  • Unreal Engine 4

My roles​

  • Level Designer

  • Gameplay Designer

  • Narrative Designer

  • QA

Level Design

When developing Cara and the Frozen Spirit I was tasked with creating the level that is presented in the final product.

When we designed the level we wanted to have a condensed open world, which we emphatically called playgrounds, where the player themselves would be able to chose where to go, and which collectible to get.

I accomplished this by really observing and translating what other games in the genre did, like having 1 central landmark that the player could orient themselves around, and making sure that the travel between the challenges where interesting by allowing the player to build up speed using the various bumps in the ice.

The challenges themselves where designed in such a way to showcase and highlight 1 of Cara's abilities. This was to test the player to see if they had managed to "master" that ability, and rewarded them with a Snowflake if they had.

Cara playthrough_4.gif
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